Solange Says She's Not Here For Racist Ignorance And Deletes Twitter

Solange Says She's Not Here For Racist Ignorance And Deletes Twitter
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In light of the Charlottesville anti-spice, Ed Sheeran protest by racist, White American terrorists, real Americans of all walks of life are fed up--including Solange Knowles. In a powerful act of protest, Solange deleted her Twitter account, but not before leaving a powerful message in support of Takyiah Thompson.

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Takiyah is a 22-year old student activist at North Carolina Central University. Along with four others, Takiyah was jailed for "damaging the monument" at a protest in response to the racist "Unite the Whites Right" rally. What's disturbing, though, is that while Takiyah was arrested for damaging property, only one White terrorist was arrested for their involvement  in the hate-filled rally for the preservation of a monument for the treasonous, slave-abusing, Confederate war hero, Robert E. Lee. 

Takiyah, like Solange and the rest of civilized people with common sense and human decency, are tired of the racist nonsense that is allowed to spread like the cancer. "We are tired of waiting on politicians who could have voted to remove the white supremacist statues years ago, but they failed to act," Takiyah said in a press conference. "So we acted." 

After Solange deleted her Twitter, she posted a message on Instagram not only condemning the Nazi march for racism in Charlottesville, VA, but to ask, "how are we supposed to have a fresh start" when events like those of Charlottesville continue to plague the U.S.? 

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And Solange is right! How are we supposed to move forward from the systemic racism that continues to plague our country when we celebrate treason and the attempted preservation of racism in the form of these Civil War monuments? How can we move forward when our government praises "the heroics" of men like Robert E. Lee who who kidnapped free Black folk from Pennsylvania into the South and sold them AND used Christianity as a justification for beating his slaves.

Source: Civil War Home / Notes by Ki Richardson

In any case, Americans of color and even most white Americans are sick and tired of the racist nonsense that's been gaining ground since fragile White males couldn't handle having a Black man for president. Solange, we're with you and we are not here for the nonsense either!

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